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Christies Beach SA 5165

ABN: 15 880 887 205

Are you aware of the complex needs for our Aboriginal Mob?

Are you working with Aboriginal Deaf Clients or work with Deaf Aboriginal people or person?

Do you want to learn how to better provide a services for our Aboriginal Deaf Mob?

Does your organisation have Reconciliation Action Plan targets is inclusive of Aboriginal people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing?

Do you require assistance with advocating on behalf of our Aboriginal Deaf Mob?

Is your organisation one of inclusiveness?

Need a culturally competent and Deaf Awareness training to help develop strategies for improving the interaction and collaboration between deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people in the workplace, projects, or generally anything.

Would you like to learn Auslan to assist you in communicating with our Deaf Communities?


Deaf Aboriginal Services is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated business consulting in education, advocacy, mentoring, and translation services of Auslan to build capacity in communities between Aboriginal and Non- Aboriginal peoples, services and organisations.